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Since I began writing a travel blog I have often thought: What constitutes travelling? Most people assume that going on holiday or putting a backpack on and disappearing off somewhere new is the travelling experience.

journey what constitutes travelling

For me I think they’re wrong. I always say to my friends if you immerse yourself into local life, eat local food and climb the nearest hill for some spectacular views then you definitely fall under the bracket of a traveller. However if you sit in the pub and just laze on the beach you’re not?…………..Is this true?

I literally take travelling to the very bare bones now. I can have a journey to work and to me that can be classed as travelling. If I meet someone new, see something I’ve never noticed before then I feel refreshed, excited maybe?

Travelling can be done anywhere on any journey you take no matter how short or how far, you can constantly find new things to vitalise your senses.

arne and shipstal point

For me travelling and having wonderful journeys is much more than jumping on a plane. I can have a wonderful journey to the shops and see or experience something new. I wrote a poem once about opening your eyes and making sure you see everything. Whether you are on a short or quick journey or a round the world trip its important to take in your surroundings. Here’s the poem below:

The wonders of the earth are

there for all to see

but people take for granted

the sea and the sky

how can they do this

ive always wondered why

so look at the trees and 

look at the grass

make sure that you see

every beauty you pass

the wonders of the earth are

there for all to see

just make sure your looking 

and you’ll smile with glee

© 2002 tom jacobs

So what constitutes travelling to you?

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  1. I like that; travelling doesn’t have to be geographic, it can just be experiencing something different and enjoying everything life has to offer.

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