What a Journey!!

In April I decided to create an outlet for all my thoughts regarding travel seeing as its basically my life!

This blog journeytom.com went live on the 10th of April and so far the past two months or so have been completely crazy! I never thought I would get anywhere near the amount of visits I’m getting or that people would be that interested in what I have to say!

I have received some thanks from Eastpak for talking about Campus in me and my little rucksack, I have been to the Lot region in France and I was also really chuffed that Flight Centre wanted me to write a destination mini guide on their blog, Welcome to Miami!

The travel blogging community has been the biggest surprise to me I can’t believe how many friendly people are out there!  🙂

The culmination of my journey so far is undoubtedly the #travtweetup hosted by @FlightCentre_UK and @FlagshipCons. I travelled up to London and the Jetlag bar from Bournemouth not really knowing what to expect but had an absolutely amazing evening meeting other liked minded people from twitter and also putting faces to those who I had been chatting with on twitter. I also managed to sink a few beers which always makes an evening go well. I learnt a brand new skill too, by the end of the evening I was managing to talk to people, drink my beer and tweet at the same time! Who knew a man could multitask and manage three things at once!

The evening went far too quickly and plenty of people were still hanging around 4 hours after the event unfortunately I had to leave and get a train home. This train was probably the quickest journey I’ve had in a while, I was on such a high thinking about how these cool things were happening to me just because I started a blog and began to write!

The following morning I did have a slight headache from the beers and remembered I hadn’t perhaps multi tasked as well as I thought. I had completely forgotten to enter all the amazing competitions from last night. Rushing out in the morning I walked to Poole Quay to get a good picture of me walking like an Egyptian.

Well this picture won me a King Tutankhamen tour from @On_The_Go_Tours

they have been amazing since I won and I can’t wait to go on the trip and blog about it.

So I’m thinking if all this can happen in two months then what’s going to happen in a time scale of two years! For me the #travtweetup was a hugely rewarding high for what has been hell of a journey so far. I can’t wait for the next one so I can meet up with people again and make some more great friends!


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