Doberdan, ciao, sawadee, bonjour, hola and all the other ways to say hello!

So now i’ve told you a bit about my mission thought I’d better say hello and whilst im on the subject of hello, i think its pretty important you at least know how to say that one word in whichever country your visiting.

The word ‘Hello’ is taken for granted but that one greeting with a smile gives everyone their first impression of you, make sure you get it right!
There’s a sweet article here on wiki explaining more about the word hello


So anyway…………Hi………. 🙂 …………Im Tom my life literally is travel i eat it, work it, contemplate it, read about it and shut my eyes and dream about it!

This blog is going to be all about my travels, journeys and stories along with my views on the world. Hopefully letting me get some crap off my chest too…….so stick around and welcome!



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