Trip Planning for this year – 2014

It’s that time of year again when I do most of my trip planning. I often find winter difficult and this one has been tougher than usual with all the wind and rain, so in my mind there is no better time of year to get trip planning and get some things sorted for 2014.

What with working full time gone are the days where I could just randomly disappear off somewhere. I need to have some sort of plan in place for my year of travels with a few weeks open to just ‘see what happens’ too. The best bit about working full time though is that I get to do way more whilst I am away. Whilst I might need to do more trip planning than usual on shorter trips I can afford all those cool new experiences and adventures that perhaps a budget backpacker can’t.

I often talk about getting the balance right with travel planning and you can read more about this here

So I havent actually got as much in place as I thought I might have done but here are my plans for the next 4 months……….


Singapore and Malaysia


I love the far east and haven’t been for a couple of years so it makes sense to do a far east trip! I will be flying for the first time on an A380 and mixing up city, food, countryside and remote islands. This is going to be one sweet trip.

I am particularly excited about revisiting Singapore. I actually had a really bad experience on my previous visit 12 years ago so never bothered to go back. I’m hoping to quell those demons and have an amazing time.

Singapore at night

 I also cant wait to go to Penang. It is somewhere I have always wanted to visit just so I can t eat my way through the amazing culinary experiences. Penang is famous for its food and my stomach is already rumbling about the thought of cheap and incredible satay sticks.

Penang trip planning



I’ve visited Miami a few times before so why do I want to go back? Well I have never done Miami like this!

I will be flying out Upper Class with Virgin thanks to my best man and mate who is using his air miles for the both of us. I have never flown Upper Class before so this will be a big transition from budget travel and flashpacking to really travelling in luxury. I’m also staying in a great hotel right on the beach and will be there over July the 4th celebrations. Miami is renowned for its party scene so I am sure I will be needing to spend a fair few dollars to get into the clubs and bars over July the 4th!

Miami trip planning

If you’ve partied in Miami over Independence Day then I’d love to hear from you with suggestions of some of the best things to see and do during this time of year. Drop me a tweet or contact me here

I am of course looking forward to this trip but most of all I am looking forward to finally see the flip side of air travel. I managed to get into business class once but from what I know Upper Class is on a whole other level. I’ll tweet you from the in flight bar 😉

So that’s my next few months mapped out. Let me know what you’re planning and if we happen to be in the same location then tweet me and we could arrange a meet up.

Happy travelling and happy trip planning – here’s to a great summer!

2 thoughts on “Trip Planning for this year – 2014”

  1. Which Miami are you going to visit? Glitterati South Beach to rub shoulders with the rich and famous enjoying the sidewalk show next to the little silver haired ladies that have lived there before it became SoBE? Maybe the gentrified Grove, where I used to hang out at the “be-ins” with the Krishnas in my hippie days, or Calle Ocho for a so sweet teeth aching shot of cafe cubana, the Gables to swim in the amazing fantasy Venetian Pool? Do it all Tom, plus save time for a short trip south to the Redlands and find the stand with the yummy strawberry milkshakes. Parrot Jungle is not the same since they moved it, but hey it’s Florida…it’s called progress! Say hi to my old homeland for me.

    1. Hi Constance – I am going to try and see a bit of it all. I’ve done the beach before and will be staying there but would love to explore Calle Ocho

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