Travel can change the world

For a brief moment I pause……my finger hovering over the shutter button of my camera. I stop, close my eyes allowing the scene of beauty before me to become ingrained in my mind. The dense jungle, the white blanket of sand rolling towards the crystal clear turquoise sea. I take a deep breath and reopen my eyes my senses alive from what lays before me and in this moment I am happy.

I regularly find myself contemplating how beautiful this planet really is. Away from the crowds, on an empty beach or on a trail up in the mountains, I often contemplate, just stop for a moment and take everything in. They say silence is golden and strangely I can distinctly remember the first time I experienced just silence. Nothing, no wind, no birds, no cars, no human noise – pure silence really is a golden experience.

I love travel but I realise that really it is just a means that allows me to have new experiences and go on some epic journeys. It’s this that awakens my soul and makes me feel alive and it’s for this reason I truly believe that as the world becomes easier to navigate that travel can change the world.

I was lucky enough to be immersed into other cultures, faiths and beliefs from a very young age and now I’m older (and perhaps a little wiser) I am thankful for these opportunities and realise it has made me into a very well rounded human being.

So let’s teach the new children of the world about each other. Let’s not dwell on history so much. Whilst we can learn from the past our future is helping a new generation of humans to become more tolerable, more understanding and more appreciative of how incredible mother earth really is. Let’s teach travel!

A recent encounter with a  Malaysian taxi driver gave me the thought for this post. He told me he wished that we were all a bit more ‘human’ towards each other, after all we are all human beings. Whilst he was unable to travel his job as a taxi driver let him meet people from all walks of life and learn about their cultures whilst being able to share some of his own experiences with them too.

If we really learn about each other, if we travel and meet other people, if we connect with nature then the world will become a better place

Travel can truly change the world

3 thoughts on “Travel can change the world”

  1. Years ago I had a job that took me to China. One day the taxi driver turned to me and pleaded “Please ask your President Bush to stop these wars”. I patted him on the shoulder and replied “Sir, I ask him over and over again, he just won’t listen to me”. He nodded and understood, wouldn’t take the tip I offered when we got to my office.

    That day only reinforced what I knew in my heart. Everyone wants the same thing; to live surrounded by family and friends, to wake with joy and sleep in peace. Laughter is the same in any language, no translation needed.

  2. Thanks for this post Tom, it is exactly what I needed this morning. I’ve been feeling very conflicted over the summer, over the refugee crisis and being lucky enough to travel a lot with my family, as a family travel blogger. But I also know travelling with me, and being in nature, teaches mine so much about how to change the world.

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