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I’ve been meaning to write about my Travel Booksand guides for quite a while. It’s actually something I’ve been really excited about writing I just haven’t been able to get round to taking the pictures for the post.

Last year I bought a Lonely Planet guide for a trip to Greece. I love guidebooks. Originally I used to stay loyal to Lonely Planet but nowadays I’m happy with any guide book that gives me good information. The Greek Islands guide was invaluable in helping me search for Greece hotels during my Island hopping trip and then again for Rhodes hotels when I had to visit the island for a wedding.

lonely planet greek islands

Anyway the point of this post? Well after I returned from Greece I realised I had no space for this latest guide on my bookshelf, I literally couldn’t squeeze it in anywhere. I then started to take stock of all the Travel BooksI actually owned and realised I had way more than I thought.

I had the bright idea of laying all my Travel Booksout on my bed for a picture but they wouldn’t even fit on there!

travel books

I’ve collected so many Travel Booksand guides over the years so it was great to lay them all out and take stock of what I have.

Obviously I have some favourites and pride of place in my travel book collection is this……..

lonely planet south east asia on a shoestring

Second edition of Lonely Planet’s South east Asia on a shoestring

I believe from some research that it’s the second edition of Lonely Planet’s famed yellow bible. I’d love to get the first edition or the even earlier Across Asia on the cheap, so if anyone knows where I can get my hands on them please let me know. I had a bright idea thinking that I could travel around Asia using only this guidebook to see how I would get on. Unfortunately its already been done and a novel has been written but I’m still going to give it a go anyway!

I also have some really great photo books that I have spent hours flicking through. I recently watched the film Midnight in Paris, which I loved, and that drew me back to a book I have that is simply titled ‘Paris revisited’. It’s a fantastic book with pictures from all over the city and really captures the spirit of the place.

travel books and guides

Another of my favourite Travel Booksis ‘a moving experience’. I picked this book up for just £1 at a discount book store but its great. It features images and tales about holidays on wheels, wings and water. Its about constantly moving around the world and I’d highly recommend it.

My all time favourite picture travel book? Well it is so good It has a post of its own – Australia images of a timeless land

So I finished my little stock take of Travel Booksby having the bright idea of building a tower. I knew if I could balance them all they would easily be as tall as me. Unfortunately this bright idea didn’t work my tower collapsed leaving a couple of books with some nice dents!  Oh well books are to be used and read they are never going to stay perfect .

travel books tower

After having my couple of hours of fun I realised my whole house is travel orientated from Buddha statues to Turkish throws and African elephants to Fijian brain forks I could write hundreds of posts just on the stuff I have  on display. Each one obviously has its own interesting story. If I become famous and they use my house on ‘Through the keyhole’ it’s going to be so easy to guess that I like travel.

Perhaps next time I will dig out the dvds and travel movies or even better move everything to one room to show it off!

Has anyone else got an insane collection of anything travel related?


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