Top 5: Caravanning Destinations

Despite the (somewhat unfair) derision that caravanning suffers it remains one of the most popular methods of going on holiday in the UK. The Caravan Club – the UK’s leading association for caravanners – boasts over 1 million members.

So, as the 2012 holiday season slowly draws near, here’s our list of the top 5 caravanning destinations to go on holiday too in the UK.


5. Yorkshire

Yorkshire is rather a large place, so simply saying one county might seem like a bit of a cop out, however, the beauty of caravanning is that your holiday isn’t fixed in one place. Whether it’s the wild wonders of the Pennines or the Yorkshire Dales, the small town charm of places around Harrowgate or York, or the beaches at Scarborough or further north at Whitby, Yorkshire has it all, as well as being cheap and very friendly.

Whitby (courtesy of Man Alive!)


4. The West Country

The West Country is one of the UK’s hidden gems when it comes to holiday-making, sure, everyone has heard of Bath and Stonehenge, but what about Avebury, Lacock and Castle Combe? Admittedly, it’s a place for those whole like small quaint charm, and a quiet time, but there’s lots to see and do and the landscape is stunning.

Castle Combe (courtesy of Martin Pettitt)


3. Cornwall

Perhaps controversial to place Cornwall in 3rd rather than higher up, but its sheer distance from most caravanners is a bit of a drawback. Nonetheless, if you can get there, it’s a great place for a holiday, and perfect for those who like a lot of outdoor adventure, whether that’s outdoor activities in Falmouth, surfing in Newquay, or hiking The Copper Trail on Bodmin Moor.

Falmouth (courtesy of Drewhound)


2. Pembrokeshire

Perhaps similarly far away, but possibly more beautiful, the Pembrokeshire coast is one of the most popular areas of the UK for holiday-makers of all types. Great waves, lots of history, good weather, fantastic beaches, lots of explore and a whole load of things to do with kids, it’s hard to beat Pembrokeshire, however…

Marloes Sands (courtesy of Earthwatcher)


1.  Devon

If there’s one place that mixes a little bit of all of the above, it’s Devon, usually warmer than Cornwall or Pembrokeshire, also blessed with beautiful coastlines and beaches – famous surfing around Croyde, beautiful seaside towns, and the wonderful interior of Dartmoor that’s great for any budding explorer, Devon has the lot, and is a well-deserved winner of our countdown for 2012.

Woolacombe (courtesy of northdevonfarmer)


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