Things I dislike about Australia

After spending a couple of months or so travelling around Australia I wanted to share my thoughts on things I dislike about the country. Don’t worry I am not all ‘Mr Negative’ I have written about the things I love which you can read here too ‘Things I love about Australia’

I wanted to share the negative things I have noticed too as I feel it brings a good balance.

Just for the record – I love Australia it’s a fascinating country!

Social Injustice

I don’t need to really write about this but it exists everywhere. There is no real answer of how to fix a lot of Australia’s social problems but I recognise that there are many people who give up their own lives to try and better those of others and may they continue to strive for a better form of social justice in the future.

Relationships with alcohol

I cant put my finger on it but a proportion of Australians have an unusual relationship with alcohol. They talk about drinking, think about when the next occasion is they can drink and drink fast and lots.

From an outsiders point of view I feel perhaps alcohol has a bit of a taboo in Australia. My opinion is that in the UK, 24 hour licensing and the availability of alcohol in all supermarkets and smaller shops has made our relationship with alcohol more in tune with our European neighbours.

I feel that the fact you have to go into a shop that only sells alcohol and that buying in bulk is encouraged only makes you buy and drink more.

The early eating

I do understand this to some extent. As a nation that loves a decent BBQ I realise that it’s nicer to start eating earlier and cooking in daylight. However in general Australia eats early.

In some smaller towns I have found restaurants closing up at 8pm which is just as I start to get hungry. Even in a city I have been told the kitchen closes just before 9pm. After spending so much time in Europe I guess I am accustomed to late night drinking and eating.

The cost

Okay I realise currently in 2017 the pound is quite weak however the cost of some things in Australia are bordering on ridiculous.

In my opinion trips and things to do are obscene amounts of money. I recently did a 2 night Whitsunday Islands cruise and whilst I absolutely loved it I noticed a 7 day South Pacific Cruise on offer for the same price I had just spent on 2 nights and 2 half days cruising the Whitsundays. Granted it’s not the same experience but still!

The other thing is the cost of food. Fresh fruit and veg can be expensive making a healthy home cooked meal easily cost $15 or more. Unfortunately junk food is very cheap a dominos pizza is $5 under half the price the cost of the UK. From my wandering I have noticed this creates a huge group of people who seem to only eat cheap junk food.

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