The Wavehouse Mallorca

The Wavehouse Mallorca is the first of its kind in Europe and it was so good I spent two days there!

Located right on the beachfront in Magaluf  is the Wavehouse Mallorca, a new type of resort with hotel, bars and restaurants along with outdoor events from people such as Ministry of Sound. The main feature though is the flowrider and flowbarrel the latter being a simulated 10 metre breaking wave.

wavehouse mallorca

Flowboarding was a new sport to me and I must admit I was pretty confident seeing as I had done plenty of surfing, windsurfing and body boarding over the years. Unfortunately though I wasn’t as good as I expected. The sensation of the water rushing towards you whilst you balance on a small board similar to the deck of a skateboard was totally different to any type of surfing I have done in the past.

body boarding wavehouse mallorca

Initially I began body boarding on the flowrider to get the feeling of the rushing water and balance before moving to the flowboard.

An hour’s group session with tuition is just €25 which I thought was excellent value for money. Group sizes were never bigger than 8 and we each got plenty of time on the flowrider to get bumps, bruises and even broken toes!

I was pretty gutted that I didn’t progress to the 10 metre flowbarrel but you are expected to do around 4 hours or more on the flowrider before you can progress. Unless that is your some kind of pro surfer and pick it up really quickly, even then you don’t get to experience the full 10 metre flowbarrel as they ease you into it making the wave higher and higher.

I watched a few people on the flowbarrel and it’s incredible to see the stunts they can pull off.

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Just before I arrived the Wavehouse Mallorca hosted the 4th annual World Flowboarding Championships and I expect the Wavehouse Mallorca to become more and more popular over the next few years.

What makes it so unique is the fact that it’s a complete resort. The restaurants were great, the surf shop was good and not too expensive and to have live DJ’s from Ministry of Sound playing whilst you’re tearing up the waves made for a great experience.

If you’re ever in Majorca you should be visiting – don’t be put of by the fact it’s in Magaluf the resort is really reinventing itself and has had a lot of investment.

Here’s a video of me body board and flow boarding to give you a taste of how much fun it is

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