The ash cloud – what’s the deal?!

For most people the words volcanic ash will put them in a bad mood they don’t want to miss a flight or even worse miss a holiday they are so used to a fast and hectic pace of live the thought of a 6 hour bus or train journey as opposed to an hour’s flight is like living through hell!

Well I disagree. Having to go back to travelling overland is kind of cool! You get to meet people who are in the same situation as you and build relationships and enjoy the trip together. You get to travel at a slower pace look out the window at countryside you may have never passed before. Or you can just people watch on a bus or train.

If you hate being disconnected from the world you can even sit there on your laptop or mobile and tweet, blog or chat to your hearts content.

I’m sure plenty of seasoned travellers will agree with me when I say overland travel can be much more enjoyable than the hassle and stress of an airport?

So people of the world chill out, it’s a volcano we can’t stop it kick back relax and enjoy your bus or train ride for what it is.

picture from householdriot flickr


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