Photo of the week – Thailand Grand Palace

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5 thoughts on “Photo of the week – Thailand Grand Palace”

  1. i see ur travel blog…so cool ~r really envy u , i just have been someplace in china,
    Currently have no condition to travel abroad,im a student now…so no enough money to afford it …
    i support u ,to travel ,on the rode with ur own dream~
    at last I wish you all the best
    have a good time !
    passerby smile

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I hope you get to travel more in the future. however in the meantime I would encourage you to travel within your own country and find the delights on your own doorstep 🙂

      1. lol
        Last week, I also travel alone…Become the backpackers
        That is a very special feeling, when you go on a journey
        so i love travel so much …
        To meet different people who they are the backpackers,
        I enjoy chating with them and learnt different experiences

        I will stick to my dream, travel around the world
        and the same hope to u

      1. Hi Kirk thanks for visiting and I hope you like the site I only launched it a few days ago but appreciate all the feedback im getting. I love Adventurous Kate’s blog and read it regularly she certainly has had some great stories

        Once again thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy all the new stuff Im going to add in the coming months

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