Thai Banana Pancake – video

Ok so you hear of Thai street food all the time, especially Pad Thai. I even wrote about my Top 5 Thai dishes too but I forgot one street food stall you will find everywhere – Roti pancakes and in particular a Thai banana pancake.

Anyone who has been to Thailand will have seen the roti bread pancake stalls everywhere. Especially on the islands and in the beach resorts.

thai banana pancake

I love eating Thai banana pancakes!

So each time I’m in Thailand I make sure I eat plenty. You could even have a whole meal at a pancake stall from savoury options to sweet. My favourite and pretty much the standard for everyone is the thai banana pancake.

I met a guy in Koh Samui who I kept returning to. He was really nice and for some reason his pancakes always tasted the best. I think it was because of the way he rubbed the oil off. I had loads of pancakes from him and I nearly persuaded him to let me have a go but he was a bit reluctant to let an English guy mess up his pancake stand.

So seeing as I couldn’t get a video of me making my own pancake here are his crazy skills instead…..complete with a typically bad Thai band playing in the background!

3 thoughts on “Thai Banana Pancake – video”

    1. Yes I need to learn how to make Roti pancakes and you should definitely be trying them next time you are in Thailand. I agree about the chopping skills I was impressed watching him do it over and over again without even looking! So casual!!

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