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I found an amazing new beer at Staminee de Garre………

As readers of this travel blog should know, particularly if you have read Corona the best summer beer ever, I like beer, especially beer with friends and good company. So it’s quite fitting that my first post on Bruges is about beer.

Whilst in Bruges – now just for the record and for those that have seen the film I wasn’t there to lay low or commit a murder – I took it upon myself to do the usual touristy things and drink as many different beers and try as many bars as possible.

I didn’t have a guide book on Bruges and had no expectations before I visited. A good friend of mine had visited the city twice the year before and only gave me two recommendations. One was ‘do a Segway tour’ and the other was ‘go to Staminee de Garre’. Unfortunately I never managed the Segway tour but I did manage to get to Staminee de Garre………….eventually.

Whilst close to the main market square this is not a bar you can find very easily. It’s down a tiny alleyway and doesn’t really have any signs it literally relies on word of mouth and its reputation.

staminee de garre

Alleyway outside Staminee de Garre

Well this bar must have a great reputation as when I arrived early on a Friday evening; there was just one tiny table available.

I took a seat and perused the beer menu. All are listed in alphabetical order and there are a lot to choose from. However I was really here just to try the house beer ‘Tripel van de Garre’.

It’s incredibly strong, I’m told 11% or more, and you are only served a maximum of three.

When the beer arrived I was seriously impressed by the presentation, especially the little bowl of cheese. I have never had cheese and beer together before but this creamy smooth cheese just tasted amazing with the Tripel van de Garre. The beer was incredible too I couldn’t even begin to describe the complexity of the flavours and still do the beer justice all I can say is if you are ever in Bruges then hunt this place down.

Tripel van de garre


After enjoying a couple of glasses I realised my legs felt a lot heavier than usual so thought I better begin the walk back to my hotel rather than have a third beer.

If you get there and have to wait for a table or get sent away to return later, then trust me it’s worth the wait!  I tried to return to Staminne de Garre the next day but every table was full from lunchtime onwards. The bar has a great atmosphere of locals, tourists and backpackers all enjoying each other’s company and the beer. There is nothing flashy about the place it is simply good company, incredible beer and lovely creamy cheese.

Since my visit I checked the reviews for this place on tripadvisor and it seems I’m not the only one who loved the bar so thanks to my friend who pointed me towards it.

staminee de garre beer

Enjoying the beer at Staminee de Garre



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