I recently flew Ryanair to Faro, Portugal and yes believe it or not I did actually land in Faro rather than somewhere like Barcelona (Girona) which is well over an hour away from the place you are supposed to be travelling to! When Ryanair first emerged I often wondered whether the staff were geographically challenged but low and behold they were just great at bending the truth and bullshitting. I am sure Ryanair has some excellent staff but I often laugh when I think about the selection process.

Where is Lubeck? That’s the city of Hamburg of course!

How much is a small can (barely a sip) of coke? It’s the bargain price of £4

Perhaps they are trained to be just like the airline is?

A popular consumer survey question is to ask you to describe a company or a brand as if it was a person well Ryanair is brave, bold, obnoxious, rude, loud, selfish, deceitful and ignorant. Just the kind of person I would absolutely hate and never get along with. I would purposefully avoid this person and make sure my time spent with them was at best brief!

Which is kind of the relationship I have with Ryanair, I completely understand that I have to spend some time with them every now and then in order to get along and do something I want to do or achieve. I’m a patient person and happily tolerate them in short bursts. Do I hate Ryanair?

Actually no! As they always say hate is a strong word. Do I like Ryanair…….well no I dislike them very much however I respect what they have achieved and allowed me to do but they will always be my last choice I’m sorry Mr O’Leary but you just don’t do it for me!

I could keep on about the hidden charges the poor service etc but most of you already know the pitfalls of flying Ryanair so I wont keep going on, however just before I posted this I noticed an article on Yahoo! about us falling out of love with Ryanair. It makes more good reading click here to go through to the article

7 thoughts on “RYANARRRGGGHHH”

  1. I’ve ditched RyanAir now, Whizz Air is now the favourite for Euro travel. Still silly prices for food and drink etc onboard, other than that they’ve been pretty decent though!

  2. We got flights from Luton to Riga for £65 return with Whizz Air, not bad!

    If booking in a group, IMO its worth one of your group becoming a member (£25 ish) as this gets you money off your flights. Split the membership cost between the group and still your flights should work out a little cheaper than they were originally.

  3. Oh I know I have heard HORROR stories… about them & I will finally meet them and deal with them in person when I fly from Munich (2hrs bus ride OUTSIDE of Munich) to Valencia! We’ll see how it goes and I’m sure I will get a post out of it…lol!!!

    1. I have flown a lot with them and they are starting to drive me insane!! Every now and then i get a good flight but sometimes its just painful!!

  4. Yup, the airplanes suck, but if you travel with carry on luggage only it can’t get any cheaper… I’d still check them if I were in Europe…in fact I wish there was one in Mexico!

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