Rock En Seine – an alternative to Glastonbury

If you missed out on Glastonbury resale tickets chances are you might be considering attending a different summer festival. For the best of pretty much everything my vote goes to Rock En Seine in Paris.

I have visited before and the benefits of this festival over many others are huge. The festival doesn’t have the history of Glastonbury, it only started in 2003, but it has a great line up every year and is excellent value for money. So….here’s why I think you should give Rock En Seine some serious consideration.

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Make it a mini holiday

For me the best way to get there is by car which means time for a road trip! You can catch a ferry into Cherbourg, Caen or Calais and all three ports are within a few hours’ drive of the Festival. Why not take a week off work and spend some time travelling through Normandy before arriving at the festival. If you do decide to take a road trip through Normandy then check out the tourist board’s site – Normandie Tourisme. There is a lot more to see and do in Normandy than many people realise.


For 2014 a 3 day weekend ticket is just €119 Euros but you do have to pay a minimal fee for camping on top. If you can travel with some friends and fill a car a ferry and fuel is only going to be around £60 each so you can spend a week in France and Paris for pretty much the same cost as a Glastonbury ticket.

Paris …… Yes it’s in Paris

One of the world’s greatest cities and one of my favourites too. The festival site is on the banks of the River Seine so you can combine your festival trip with a mini city break too. The nearest Metro station is just a 10-15 minute walk from the festival site and you can get to the centre of Paris and see the sights within 30 minutes. If you do venture in to Paris then check out the Latin Quarter it’s my favourite area and worth a visit.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Drive and you’ve got wheels

If you go by car and don’t fancy spending time in Paris then why not explore it’s surrounds instead. Whilst driving in the centre of Paris can be a little crazy, I decided to drive around the Arc de Triomphe just to say I’d done it, there are some nice areas around the city within 30 minutes which are great to retreat to and relax after spending the weekend in the hustle and bustle of a festival site. You can read about two beautiful options in North of the city near the Stade de France here

You’re abroad

If you love to travel and get away from the UK then you get to go on a trip abroad for the same cost as a UK festival. Rock En Seine as a good mix of nationalities. It’s an easy destination for most people in Europe to drive too.


So there you have it the top reasons why Rock En Seine should be a serious contender for alternatives to the UK festivals. You get a to have mini holiday, cross the channel, go on a road trip, visit one of the world’s greatest cities and have freedom with your own car all for the same cost as a weekend ticket for a UK festival. Obviously the festival isn’t as big as others but they still have great headliners. 2014 see’s The Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and the Prodigy.

For more information on Rock En Seine visit the website here

photo credit: benjamin dumas

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