Planning a round the world trip – 15 years on

Sometime in May 15 years ago I returned a fresh faced young 18 year old man from a round the world trip. Like many others before and after me I was bitten by the travel bug and within days of returning home was already planning another round the world trip to see and discover new places.

guide books round the world trip

That second trip never actually happened, not for any specific reason. I was enjoying work and where my career was heading and I was earning enough money to travel to destinations around the world multiple times a year. I was travelling more than ever but never for a long extended period, although I promised myself I would get back to Australia and do an extended trip again at some point. I reaffirmed this promise to my now wife who said she had dreamed of visiting Australia herself.

Finally last year we discussed and confirmed we would try to disappear for a multiple month round the world trip sometime in 2017.

Fast forward to today and 15 years in the making and now a more well rounded almost 33 year old man I have flights confirmed to Los Angeles, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

This new round the world trip is all about escapism

The world has changed massively in the 15 years since my original round the world trip. Interestingly 2016 has seen a huge passion in people wanting to disconnect from technology or move towards a simpler more enjoyable way of life. Perhaps contradicting what I just mentioned, I see options of tiny/basic living on Facebook all the time!

The nicest thing for me is, for once, I don’t really have to plan this trip. Flights are booked from London to Sydney with the stopovers mentioned above and that’s it, everything else we are going to play by ear and just live day to day and see what happens. This is the escapist feeling I remember so vividly from my first round the world trip.

If I’m asked the question

‘what are you doing next week?’ or  ‘what are you doing tomorrow?’

I want to be able to give the answer

‘I don’t know I have no plans’

lonely planet round the world trip

For me it seems fitting that this trip is happening now 15 years on. In a way it seems as though I am book ending the freedom and beauty of my early adult years.

This new round the world trip is full of hope and optimism and I know despite continuous bad press stories in the media, that the world still has peace, love and trust at its heart and I want to get out there and feel it for myself again.

I haven’t actually written anything new on the website in ages not because I haven’t had lots to write about but I have been content and happy to be disconnected from the pressure of blogging my travels. However this post kick starts a new look for the blog after months of redesigning with lot’s more writing to come. I want to share the memories of my original round the world trip and the experience of my new trip.

So stick around for something new and completely different

Peace and Love


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  1. Hi Tom! I know that feeling! the travel bug might get serious sometimes! I started my trip back in 2011 and I thought: I’m gonna travel the world for one or two years. After that, I couldn’t stop. Giving the answer: “I don’t know, I have no plans” feels so good!
    Keep it up!

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