Travel photography – Koh Phi Phi Don

This travel photography post comes from Thailand. The Thai islands are great for people who like to take pictures, there are so many great moments that can be captured, from the beautiful beaches to the karst limestone cliffs and stacks there are plenty of stunning backdrops.

One of the things that fascinated me the most though was how far the tide went out. This picture was taken just before Loi Krathong so very close to a full moon. I love the lone walker right out in the bay in the middle of the shot.

To give some perspective of how far the tide went out I have also included a second shot below taken from exactly the same spot a few hours before!

Incredible huh?

The above photo is at full zoom to the cliffs at the right of the bay whilst the tide is out. The below photo was taken a few hours earlier from the same spot with no zoom

Please note that all photos are my own work and are therefore copyrighted. If you wish to use one of my photos please contact me. Thanks

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