Perhentian Islands : Photos and Video

I previously told you about how I enjoyed my week on the Tropical Perhentian Islands in Malaysia and now I thought I would share some of the fantastic photos I took along with a short video too.

The Perhentian Islands are easy to photograph. Around every headland is another gorgeous white sandy beach fringed by palms and backed by dense jungle. I took a lot of photos but also had my waterproof and shockproof Panasonic camera with me too so managed to get some great video as well. The Panasonic FT5 camera is an amazing all rounder which takes great pictures and video. It is waterproof up to 12 meters, is shockproof from a 2 meter fall and is freeze proof too.

All the pictures and video below were captured from the FT5 camera so if your interested in getting on yourself  you can check it out here – Panasonic FT5 waterproof camera

On the Perhentian Islands I stayed at the Tuna Bay Resort on Perhentian Besar. It’s quieter and less developed than Perhentian Kecil however this means there is less going on. If you are after the backpacker scene and want an abundance of cheap accommodation and plenty of dinner choices then I would recommend you go to Perhentian Kecil instead. If you read my previous post you can see how easy it is to travel between the islands and read a whole bunch of other cool travel tips too.

So below is a video and a few cool pics I took during my time in the Perhentian Islands. I hope you enjoy. Any questions about the Perhentians? Then please let me know









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