My Top 5: Thai Dishes

Thai is the greatest cuisine ever – The selection of Thai dishes shown below are some of my absolute favourites.

So if you didn’t already know I absolutely love Thai food, the more you eat it the better it seems to get! The flavours and spices always combine seamlessly and I often eat way more than I should.

I am sure that most of you will have tried these Thai dishes before but if you haven’t you are most definitely missing out. Here are my 5 favourite Thai dishes. I pretty much order at least one of these every time I’m at a Thai restaurant

 #1 Satay – Sate

The Thai’s, Malaysians and Indonesians all claim this dish as their own. I don’t really care who made it all I know is that it’s truly the greatest sauce ever! I prefer chicken satay over beef or prawn and quite enjoy mixing the left over sauce in with some crispy seaweed.

chicken satay thai dishes

Chicken Satay


#2 Mango sticky rice – Khao niao mamuang

Thai food isn’t all about spices and chilli’s they can make great deserts too! Sweet sticky rice made with coconut milk and fresh slices of mango make for a great desert. If you have room left after appetisers and mains make sure you give this a try.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice


#3 Pad Thai – Phat Thai

One of the most famous Thai dishes. Everyone must have tried Pad Thai at some point? Thailand’s version of fast food is made with stir-fried rice noodles eggs, fish sauce ,tamarind juice, red chilli pepper, bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, or tofu, garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and lime. You can find it on almost every street corner in Thailand and it costs very little if you are eating on a budget.

pad thai

Pad Thai


#4 Massaman Curry – Kaeng Matsaman

A really tasty but quite hot curry. I find it much hotter when it’s served in Thailand rather than at a restaurant here at home. You have probably tried Red, Yellow or Green curry as these are the most popular. If you haven’t had a Massaman yet then make sure you give it a go. It’s made with coconut milk, roasted nuts, potatoes, cinnamon, bay leaves and fish tamarind and chilli sauce plus lots more. It really is an intense coming together of flavours and one of my favourite Thai dishes.

massaman curry thai dishes

Massaman Curry


#5 Thai Salad – Yam

If it’s hot and humid sometimes you just want to eat something light and easy, well the Thai’s make great salads too! Look for the words Yam on any menu and it will be a sour/spicy salad. Most are made with a meat or fish and tossed with fish sauce, lime juice and birds eye chilli’s. Other common ingredients are shallots, peanuts or cashews and chilli pastes.

thai salad

Thai Salad


So there you have my Top 5 favourite  Thai dishes. I don’t know about you but I wrote this post at lunch time and am now super hungry!

6 thoughts on “My Top 5: Thai Dishes”

  1. Looks delicious, but I would definitely put red curry in there also, I think it’s my favorite. Thankfully I just cooked some today, otherwise I would badly be craving some Thai food right now! 😉

    1. Well I thought about the ‘Thai Curries’ for ages. I love all of them but Massaman is just so different and I could only pick 5! I shall probably be out for a Thai now after writing this 😉

  2. nice choices! my friends loves the Massaman but I couldn’t get enough of the Penang. I am a late bloomer with curries so I only tried them the month before leaving Thailand – so glad I did! i can’t wait to have it again.

  3. WOW – Making me want to go back to Thailand so bad! Some of the best food in the world right – And that mango sticky rice…. MMMM I want to taste it again so bad! Thanks for inspiring a bit of wanderlust today!

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