My Top 5: Hong Kong Buildings

Ok so previously I did a top 5 on architecture and the Bank of China in Hong Kong was my #1

I’ve realised I could have easily done just a top 5 on Hong Kong itself. I love the city and pretty much all my favourite buildings are either hidden or standing proud somewhere on Hong Kong Island.

Seeing as I mentioned the Bank of China in my previous post I thought I better not include it again in this one so here are my Top 5 Hong Kong buildings.


#1 Tin Hau Temple – Causeway Bay

Hidden away from the south east corner of Victoria Park on Temple road the Tin Hau Temple is not the most awe inspiring building. But it’s a small haven of peace in an otherwise bustling area. I have visited every time I’ve been in Hong Kong and what amazes me the most is that I always see the same guy sat in a corner scrawling on his paper.

tin hau temple hong kong

 Click here for a street view


#2 HSBC Building – Central

Designed by the British architect Sir Norman Foster and one of the most expensive buildings in the world the HSBC building is completely unique.  It is a strange structure, almost spaceship like. Whilst being much shorter than some of the buildings around it the building still manages to stand out. Statue Square is close by and here you will find all the Filipino maids gathering on their day off. Another strange fact – I have actually played Frisbee at 4am underneath this building much to the amusement of the security staff.

 HSBC Building Hong Kong

Click here for a street view


#3 Central Plaza – Wan Chai

Once the tallest building in the city, Central Plaza still has some unique claims to fame. It is actually triangular in shape and houses the sky city church which is the world’s highest church (in a skyscraper). At the time of construction it was also the world’s tallest building made out of reinforced concrete. The most impressive feature however is the 4 bar neon clock at the top of the building which can be seen from almost anywhere in Hong Kong. The four neon bars display different colours in 15 minute intervals and blink at the change of the quarter.

Central Plaza Hong Kong

Click here for a street view 


#4 Lippo Centre – Admiralty

The best view of the Lippo Centre is from Hong Kong Park. I’ve sat in there many times looking at both the Bank of China and the Lippo Centre. The building is actually two towers one slightly taller than the other. They both have the same unique design with areas and windows protruding out all the way up which makes the building seem less severe and upright. A great piece of design.

Lippo Centre Hong Kong

 Click here for a street view


#5 Two International Finance Centre – Central

The Two IFC was half way through construction during my first visit to Hong Kong so when I returned to visit a few years later it was incredible to see it finished. It was the tallest building in Hong Kong and one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. It has had one of the world’s largest advertisements placed on its facade and dwarfs its little sister tower one at nearly double the height.

Two IFC Hong Kong

 Click here for a street view


So these are my favourite buildings in Hong Kong along with, of course, The Bank of China. If you are ever in Hong Kong then all are worth a visit. Other notable mentions are the Hong Kong Library, World Trade Centre, The Cultural Centre and also the Convention Centre. For more traditional buildings there are places like Western Market and the Man Mo Temple.

For a great view of the Hong Kong Skyline make sure you don’t miss the Symphony of Lights

So which are your favourite buildings from around the world or a particular city?

photo credits: not enough megapixels michael mcdonough howard scott larsen photocapy

5 thoughts on “My Top 5: Hong Kong Buildings”

  1. The HSBC is a design classic. It is the building that propels Foster to fame. Though you’re right, there’s so many immigrants there especially on Sundays. Another building I love is the Bank of China. Loved the geometry. Though it was a design controversy in terms of Feng Shui – it depicts a cleaver that supposed to chop off the HSBC building. Sorry for the weird architectural explanation, but I thought it would be interesting to share.

    1. Thanks for the comment Amer yea that is a fascinating fact – I have also heard a rumour they had to pay neighbouring buildings compensation for creating bad feng shui

    1. Hey Nate, thanks for the comment, I’ve heard the rumour about the Koalas before but I’m not sure it was actually intentionally designed to represent them. I know the architect Paul Rudolph has never confirmed or denied this. It has been nickamed the Koala tree for years though but the architect I think was trying just to make the building look less severe and upright. Whichever is the truth its a fantastic piece of design anyway!

  2. Awesome! I used to work as an architect before I started traveling and I really enjoy watching singular constructions all over the world. I loved the Lippo Centre! Although I usually prefer traditional architecture, I have to admit that all those buildings look great.

    Keep it up,

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