My Top 5: Architecture

Here are My Top 5 favourite pieces of architecture.

My Top 5 is a feature on that shows  a selection of my personal favourites on a particular subject. If I haven’t been there, seen it, experienced it, eat it etc then it won’t go in my list.

This one is architecture …..enjoy!


#1 Bank of China Building – Hong Kong

I fell in love with this building the first time I saw it…..NO honestly I really did fall in love. It’s a magnificent building and looks so different from each angle. It might not be the tallest but size isn’t everything you know!

Bank of China Building Hong KongStephen Chipp

#2 Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

What hasn’t been said about the Sagrada Familia? The detail is incredible throughout and it’s possibly the most awe inspiring cathedral I have ever stepped foot in. The fact that it’s still unfinished 129 years after the initial construction commenced makes it an even more incredible building.

 sagrada familia architectureVolkanikz

#3 Expedition Everest – Walt Disney World

Crazy I know but a quick glance at a photo, especially one taken from distance, and you would swear you were looking at a picture of a real mountain. Disney’s design team and imagineers got this one perfect. Even better it’s a roller coaster that looks like a real mountain!

expedition everest

#4 Superbude – Hamburg

I’ve raved about the Superbude before. The whole hostel is designed with incredible ideas but this picture goes to prove even the simplest of design ideas can be great. It literally is just buckets on a wall. This great idea makes an otherwise boring wall look great.

superbude buckets hamburg

#5 Bled Castle – Lake Bled

If you think of fairy tale locations then I’m pretty sure Lake Bled will fulfil pretty much all your expectations. The castle in Bled sits atop a sheer cliff face and overlooks the lake. The views are incredible and on the walk up I felt like a hero going to rescue some damsels in distress.

bled castle slovenia

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