My Childhood in Singapore

Charlotte  (@charlmc8386 )has written an excellent post about her childhood in Singapore which is to be followed up by a post about what she experiences revisiting the city she grew up in.



My Childhood in Singapore

Growing up with a swimming pool outside my apartment complex and several tennis courts to choose from never seemed out of the ordinary for me as a child, long hazy humid days were spent playing outside with children from all nationalities and there was never any question there was any differences between us, despite my bright blonde hair!

Only when I returned to the UK did I begin to realise quite how great living in Singapore as a child was, don’t get me wrong I love the UK but there is something about the vibrant city of Singapore that makes you feel like anything is possible.

As an adult I will be returning to Singapore in a matter of weeks so I will write two articles, one now before I travel with the things I am hoping to see and another when I return with all the things I think have changed since the mid 1990’s.

One of the most memorable places in Singapore for me has to be Sentosa Island; this fun packed resort is where families came to enjoy their weekend on the beach and in the amusement park. Looking back the amusement park that was there in the 90’s was probably a little lack lustre but as an 8 year old it seemed great to me! Going back to Sentosa is sure to be a shock, now I know it is home to its very own Universal Studios, a casino and an underwater world I have very high hopes indeed.

Another strong memory I have of Singapore is visiting Raffles hotel, not on an average weekday of course but when friends and family had come to visit us from the UK we would always go here as a special treat. My mum would always look forward to enjoying the famous Singapore Sling and I would always enjoy the story of how the last ever wild Tiger strolled up to the Long Bar, not sure I was told the end of the story, of how the Tiger met its untimely end, as a child though! This time around as an adult I’m looking forward to enjoying a cocktail or two of my own and rediscovering the history associated with one of Singapore’s most iconic of landmarks.

Another thing I am keen to try as an adult is the vast array of food there is on offer; in fact much of the planning of our itinerary has so far revolved around eating! I want to try the local cuisine at the outdoor hawker stalls, although just as I thought as a child I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to muster the courage to try the local favourite fish head curry!

Mooncakes will soon be enjoyed in the Mid-Autumn festival, although we will just miss this as we are visiting in October, I’ll be keen to see if there are any of these Chinese pastries filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours are still on sale as I have very vivid memories of people eating them around me as a child. Little India and China Town are also most defiantly going to be points of call on my culinary tour of the city.

I’m not only looking forward to experiencing traditional Singapore but also can’t wait to see its very modern side which I’m sure will have changed a lot in the past years in this ever evolving city. A trip down Orchard Road to see all of its designer shops will be on the agenda and a stop at some of the more modern restaurants and bars on offer ending at the city’s famous night club Zouk.

The most modern of all the new attractions that Singapore has to offer and the one I am probably most excited to see is the one I will be staying in, the Marina Bay Sands resort looms above the city skyline. Three 55 storey towers are topped by a 1 hectare rooftop known as the Sky Park, which holds a 150m swimming pool on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform. The views from the Sky Park look to be spectacular and this will be my first stop after arriving at the hotel. The Sky Park is not the only thing that the Marina Bay Sands complex has to offer; in fact it would be easier to describe what this giant resort does not offer its guests! From the 1,000,000 square foot shopping mall to the Casino boasting over 1000 gaming tables and 1400 slot machines to the theatres showcasing world class productions such as The Lion King and world famous music acts such as Westlife and even the man made canals that run through the extensive shopping mall offering its visitor a sampan ride through its waters.

This hotel sounds like it really does have it all just like the rest of this wonderful city and I’ll be sure to let you know if it lives up to expectations as an adult as much as it did for me as a child.

Charlotte has enjoyed travelling since a young age, not only living in Singapore as a child her families travels also took her to many other exotic destinations including Sarawak, Borneo and Perth, Western Australia. As an adult recent favourite destinations have mostly focused around city breaks, New York and Paris being the most memorable but she also loves a week by the pool in Spain soaking up the sun for a summer break. Charlotte works for where you can get great travel insurance deals should you want to visit Singapore yourself and see if this great city lives up to your expectations too!

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4 thoughts on “My Childhood in Singapore”

  1. Singapore is so modern and westernised that it is sometimes easy to forget which part of the world you are in (apart from the heat and humidity that is). While walking around I would often see an exotic looking bird – a flash of blue as a Kingfisher flew from tree to tree or another species foraging in the grass for food.

    1. Hi Grace its nearly been 10 years since I last visited Singapore, but Charlotte’s post has definitely got me excited about returning sometime soon!

    2. Hi Grace, yes i agree that Singapore is so modern and westernised but singapore has its own identity and norms and 1 good thing is that people from every part of the world and culture can easily adjust in Signapore.

  2. The Singapore is changed completely in last few years but also the livings and other expenses is also quite high in Singapore. I am fond of the cleanliness in Singapore and also the people there are good

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