Music Memories Track 3

music memoriesSo its been a while since my previous Music Memories post.

If you missed them you can click to find Track 1 and Track 2.

Recently people have been asking me for  stuff to listen to as they build new playlists for themselves. I literally listen to music at least 8 hours a day so I guess I’m as good as any person to ask.

I heard a song this week that reminded me of a really cool track I used to listen to when I was beach bumming it in Byron Bay. I hunted high and low for this band on Google, YouTube etc but there literally is no existence of them. To be honest I don’t think they ever made it.

Whilst in Brisbane I bought their EP (I’m sure they were a local band) and love listening to it every now and then – Its got some good catchy songs and this one is the best.

So here is -waiting for tom with Frustrated last goodbye – Sit back imagine chilling on the beach and enjoy!

The cool thing is they now exist on YouTube thanks to me 🙂 Id love to know if any one else has ever heard of the band during their travels around Australia?


Hopefully when I’m done with my Music Memories it will make a pretty cool playlist for people. Share your Music Memories with me too

photo credit: redpolkadot

5 thoughts on “Music Memories Track 3”

  1. I love it when you get hold of some new music you have not heard before when you are in a new place or on holiday. Its a little bit different but I bought a rap CD off a guy on the street when I was in new york. I listened to it while there and now I can put it on to remeber the holiday and the good times we had. Its awful with the exception of 2 good songs!

  2. I think you might like this It’s an app for remembering and keeping those music memories you talk about. It’s great for sharing with friends too and discovering what theirs are too. It’s in beta, so as someone who is experiencing this music memory connection, it’s be great to get your help with some feedback on it. Thanks!

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