Music Memories Track 1

So I thought I would do a new feature on the blog about music memories. Music plays a huge part in my life and also plays a huge part in travelling. Often you hear a song back that conjures up images of time spent with people somewhere around the world.

Music is great at creating memories 🙂


I have a load of tracks that remind me of some really great times and of course there are some songs that remind me of bad times!

So to kick off with track 1 of this new feature I’m going with the TI song Whatever You Like. I was driving from Miami down through the Florida Keys and TI was literally on every radio station I picked. It wasn’t just this song either his whole album Paper Trail seemed to be played everywhere.








This particular song holds the record for the highest jump on the billboard 100 going from 71 to 1 almost overnight!

The song reminds me of sitting in the car relaxing in the hot Florida sun and cruising along on one of the most scenic drives ever!

So enjoy and I will be back with Track 2 of my music memories soon……

2 thoughts on “Music Memories Track 1”

  1. I love the effect music can have in transporting you back to parties on the beach in Rio, nights at an English pub, or simply driving through German countryside! For me it’s more vivid than looking back at photographs 😀

    1. I totally agree and if you combine music and photographs its even better! I can listen to a song and close my eyes and literally go back to where I was before 🙂

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