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music memoriesAs a you may be aware I have been sharing my own Music Memories posts about how certain songs remind me of things I’ve done across the globe and places I’ve visited. Well I’ve now thrown the gates open and am wanting you to share a track/song that really reminds you of something or somewhere along the road each time you listen to it. So get in touch if you want to be featured

This Music Memory comes from Shara Johnson who shares her travel stories on her website here – skjtravel

She also has a photography website which is great too – skjphotography

Shara’s song is probably the craziest mashup I have ever heard with about 7 songs involved!! Read the story and listen to the song below

Shara Johnson – Music Memories

While I volunteered at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (also known as the Entebbe zoo) in Uganda, I lived onsite in a small flat. No internet access in the flat, but one of the admin guys had enabled my laptop to access their wi-fi, but it only worked if I sat directly outside the admin building (i.e., right on the front porch). This was fine, as considering where I was in a Third World country, it was actually pretty good luxury – it was only about a two-minute walk from the flat to the admin building.

The nights were warm, I sat on the ground with my back against the wall; the only problem was the bugs that would congregate on my laptop screen and my feet, and the fears that lurked in the back of my mind regarding cobras and ant swarms. But I actually loved sitting outside with the insects and frogs and the various zoo animals … lions and leopards roaring, chimpanzees getting worked up over something and screeching into the night, etc., while uploading blog posts about them. High speed internet has not yet reached Uganda, or at least not anywhere that I went. So typically, it was excruciatingly slow to upload photos and text to my blog.

Sometimes I would bring my mp3 player and a couple beers along to kill time. It’s a pretty basic player I have, so it always started playing at the exact same track (or maybe I just didn’t know how to work it properly). That track, which is a mash-up a friend sent to me, will forever be associated with Uganda because of how many times I listened to it, by virtue of always being the first one to play. One night in particular is memorable, as I was sitting outside the admin building, grooving around a little bit with my upper body to this mash-up, watching photos slowly upload to my website. After awhile I perceived a shadow in my peripheral vision. I looked up to see a security guard standing over me with his hands squarely on the automatic rifle slung over his shoulder.

Even though I was used to seeing them patrol the grounds in daylight, suddenly looking up into this guy’s rifle barrel startled me and I fumbled around trying to yank my headphones off my head. He’d seen the glow of my computer screen and came to investigate. I smiled sheepishly and showed him the screen. He looked at the website a little blankly, so I switched tabs to show my Facebook page, and then he smiled and waved his hand, “carry on.” So there was this rather surreal moment of listening to Michael Jackson singing “Annie, are you OK?” laid over the synth line for Eurhythmics’ “Sweet dreams are made of this …” while staring into a rifle barrel.

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    1. Yes, Jess, there is something kind of special about a mashup versus a “regular” song being part of this experience … as it’s not just one song that triggers my memory but several of them. 🙂

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