Music Memories 2012

music memories2012 has been quite a year for me and I will have a post up reviewing the year in the next few weeks or so. I thought this latest Music Memories post should focus on what I have been listening to a little more recently, as in 2012.

There have been some great tracks released this year and I have certainly partied away and chilled on the beach listening to a lot of them. However there is one band I discovered earlier in the year that have been on constant repeat on my iPod and that is Tall Ships.

So many songs these days are throw away tracks and are good in the moment, perhaps great summer songs, but in 10 years time I probably wont be listening to them.

With Tall Ships though its completely different much like I still listen to my other favourite albums I am sure I will still be listening to Tall Ships in quite a few years time and remembering the great year that was 2012.

tall ships

So cheers Tall Ships for the music you’ve made and thanks for creating the soundtrack to go with some of my memories this year.

Here’s my two favourite tracks from the band

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  1. I enjoyed the tall ships music video, its definitely not something I would normally listen to and far more cultured, my 2012 was spent listening to club music reliving spring break all year long!

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