Medieval Normandy

A very short post! Just wanted to share a quick trip I did recently, I was pleasantly surprised at how much Normandy can offer, most people overlook this region of France and leave it out of their itinerary altogether!

I spent 3 days in Normandy with the Normandy Tourist Board enjoying the historical story of William the Conqueror. Most people seem to mainly visit Normandy for the landing beaches and World War 2 history so it was refreshing to receive a short tour that focused only on the medieval history of the region.

I enjoyed time at Falaise Castle, Chateau Crevecouer and enjoyed some typical peasantry food of duck’s gizzards and root vegetables all washed down by medieval wine and cider!

As a group we continued to Caen and had a great time visiting the Men’s Abbey and the castle in the centre of the city before going onto a great workshop with local suppliers and contacts. Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful medieval banquet in the evening featuring live music and some fantastic food and wine.

The medieval theme continued in Bayeux with a tour of the town and a visit to the tapestry.  We then also visited the scriptoral in Avranches.


The highlight of the trip for me was certainly Mont Saint Michel. Whilst it is visited by thousands of tourists it is still a fantastic destination and the walk up to the abbey and views from the top are great.

I am back in Normandy again within the next week and then exploring the Dordogne during May and will do some reviews and posts on the areas I travel through.

In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the Royal Wedding!


6 thoughts on “Medieval Normandy”

  1. i`m jealous, you travel so many places and don`t worry finding jobs? or you just quit your work and enjoy travel across the world?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Iris! Luckily i work in the travel trade so I get to do a bit more travel than normal. But every penny I earn is normally spent on travel of some kind too! 🙂

    1. Hi Raymond thanks for stopping by glad you like it. Next time you’re in France you should definitely visit Normandy its a great part of the country and often overlooked.


  2. Tomislav Kralj (King Tomislav of Croatia)

    Hi there! I wanted to know how you were able to get such an organised tour through the Normandy Tourist Board, as all I can find though them are information about the different sites and places, and no links to organised or themed tours…? Do I have to contact a particular person working at the Tourist Board to book such a trip? Will there be an English speaking guide? Is it a day trip encompassing all the sites you mention here? Where does it start from? Any information on such a trip would be much appreciated as I’m a medieval history buff. We will be staying in Normandy (Bayeux and Mont St Michel) from august 20-26. Thanks!

    1. Hi I was actually a guest of the Tourist Board through a work placed trip. However depending on your budget you could look at hiring a local guide for perhaps 3 or 4 days to come to the sites with you and talk you through them? Or you might be able to arrange a private guide at each location.

      I would highly recommend a guide for Mont Saint Michel it makes the experience so much better.

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