Mallorca Rocks Magaluf

Mallorca Rocks is Ibiza’s  little brother and its growing up really fast! 

2012 has been an epic year for both Ibiza and Mallorca rocks. The concept has changed both the music scene in Ibiza and the image of Magaluf.

mallorca rocks two door cinema club

During my recent visit to Magaluf I was surprised at how the whole resort was reinventing itself – you can read about the reinvention of Magaluf here

Whilst I was there I luckily got to see the great band Two Door Cinema Club at the closing party of Mallorca Rocks – they played Ibiza Rocks the night after too!

Girls Holidays

They are a great band and put on a wicked show and this happened to be the third time I have seen them. Check out the video below for a quick snippet of them live at Mallorca Rocks.

I was seriously impressed with Mallorca Rocks and the line up they had this year year. If you holiday to Ibiza or Mallorca then definitely check out one of the concerts being held there. They aren’t just for the young either – if you love live music then go, there was a real mixed crowd all having a great time!

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