Welcome to my Link Love page

The main reason I started writing a travel blog was because I was reading lots and lots of travel blogs and other blogs that interested me. I thought I would really enjoy writing and sharing my travel photography so went for it.

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Below is my Link Love list of all the great travel blogs I read hopefully you will enjoy them just as much as mine or maybe even more!!

40 before 30 profile pic journeytom link love40 before 30 – You only need two reasons to read Jaynes blog and they are both massive reasons! She is travel blogger of the year and was contacted by an Emmy Award nominated production company from Hollywood regarding a TV enquiry about her blog!!!! Nuff said

adventures with dan profile pic journeytom link loveAdventures With Dan – Dan’s blog is a great round the world adventure blog where he documents everything that he has been getting up to from extreme kiting to caving if you want to read about adventure then read it here

Adventurous Kate journeytom link loveAdventurous Kate – Kate was one of the first travel bloggers I really started to follow. I still love her blog now and she has some amazing stories like being shipwrecked in Indonesia -yes really properly shipwrecked!


asgeir pedersen profile pic journeytom link loveAsgeir Pedersen – Asgeir is one one the best amateur photographers I have ever met. His pictures are incredible and he captures some great scenes of everyday life. Originally from Norway he is currently living in Italy


aussie on the road profile pic journeytom link loveAussie on the road – Chris is an Aussie who literally doesn’t beat about the bush. From writing about who he thinks are the 15 sexiest bloggers who get his ‘freak juice’ flowing?! (I dont want to know what that is) to more standard posts about excellent street food, he’s a blogger who you definitely want to be following

Backpacks and Bunkbeds

ben groundwater profile pic journeytom link loveBen Groundwater – Along with Adventurous Kate, Ben was one of the first travel bloggers I began following and reading articles from regularly. He’s an Australian and also known as ‘The Backpacker’. He wrote some great articles and blogs for Australian newspapers but has now published his first book about travelling the world and staying with the regular readers and subscribers from his blog. Well worth a read

California Notebook

Dream Euro Trip – DJ Yabis is a self proclaimed ‘gypsetter’ and a serial ‘Eurotripper’ having visited almost 100 European cities and some cities up to 8 times! His website helps you to plan, budget and live up your dream EuroTrip

Find me in Florence – Jess moved from the USA to Florence this year and she is currently living and working there whilst exploring Europe. Her blog is mainly about how she is adjusting to European culture and life but also talks a lot about how great the food, wine and gelato is

Girl with the red suitcase – The Girl with the red suitcase is actually Nicola from Australia. She writes a great blog and is currently travelling around the world. She loves fashion and when I met her in Italy I’m sure she wanted to take me out shopping and dress me up so I looked a little cooler!

Ladventurers – Simon has created Ladventurers to express travel and adventure from more of a male perspective.  Coming to the end of a 3 year stint in Korea, he aims to entertain his readers with light hearted articles that often mock the strange events that go on around him.

Lauren’s Road Less Travelled 

pommie travels profile pic journeytom link lovePommie Travels – I found Victoria’s blog whilst searching out some information on the town of Lagos in Portugal. I loved her posts on the town and have kept returning and reading ever since. She writes great posts from all over the world and has been a featured blogger with Lonely Planet

Ed RexRexyEdventures – The adventures of Ed Rex. He describes himself as tall, dark and handsome and writes about his travels here. He’s a pretty cool guy too, just a little bit over the top flirty so ladies watch out!!


That Backpacker

Travel and Tourism Guide

Traveldudes profile pic journeytom link loveTraveldudes – If you regularly read travel blogs then you will no doubt have heard of Melvin and his Traveldudes machine. If you havent then where have you been living? Traveldudes is pretty much one of the top travel influencers in Europe. The site is full of travel tips, e-guides and photos and best of all its all free and written by travellers. As Traveldudes slogan goes it really is a site ‘for travellers by travellers’

Two Oregonians profile pic journeytom link loveTwo Oregonians – Ted and Beth are a married couple travelling the world and doing it slowly too. They travelled by ship from South America to Europe rather than fly. Beautifully written posts and some excellent photography plus a true love story. They have known each other since the ages of 7 & 9 and are the Romeo and Juliet of the travel blogosphere.

Waegook Tom

Just a short Link Love list for the moment but I will be updating profiles and continually adding more in the future.