journeytom says thank you

I launched the travel blog back on the 8th of April 2011 so the site is now 1 year old. I started journeytom as a bit of a hobby as it was something I enjoyed to do so to see it take of and become popular is something I really am shocked about!

I really just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever read my travel blog, looked at my travel photography, spoke with me, met me or just emailed me.

The opportunities I have had just from doing something I enjoy have been incredible I have met some great people, attended some great events and tweetups and overall just had an amazing 12 months. I wrote a post called What a journey not long after starting journeytom and things have just got better and better since!

2012 is also shaping up to be great year I have already visited Beautiful Bruges and sampled the amazing beer at Staminee de Garre. I have a fun weekend planned in Dartmoor followed by trips to Thailand, Portugal, Majorca and Edinburgh. I am also taking part in #blogville thanks to the Emilia Romagna tourist board and will be continuing my series of Jurassic Coast posts in a similar vein to the Old Harry Rocks and Durlston Country Park ones.

So once again thank you all so much I hope you continue enjoying journeytom and the posts I write

…….here’s to the journey…….

I’ve no idea who these guys are but I googled ‘here’s to the journey’ and this is what I found. It seems a little religious which I admit I am not, but I liked the lyrics of the chorus

13 thoughts on “journeytom says thank you”

  1. Hi Tom!
    Happy anniversary on your blogging job! It’s been a great year for you, and I hope it will be more fruitful for this year..
    Good job!

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