Greek Island Hopping……….

So it’s only a few weeks and I’m off to Greece again. After going a few times as a child I never really bothered holidaying much in Europe I always wanted to go further afield. However the last few years I seem to have fallen in love with Greece. I love the food, the ferries and the people as well as their fun nightlife.

Anyway I couldn’t decide on which islands to go to this year so I was having a little google around to see if I could find some info from people who had been there.

I came across a fantastic site written by Matt Barrett its easy to find in Google and I would say if you’re heading to Greece and want to read some stories from someone who has spent years in the Greek Islands and see some real photos rather than the glossy ones then definitely check out his site link below.

So I’ve decided on Santorini (this will be my first visit), Ios and then wherever I can get a ferry. Cant wait to down an Ouzo J

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