My Great American Road Trip

In case you didn’t know I am getting married this year………..

This is great because it means I get to plan the ultimate honeymoon!

It actually took myself and my future wife ages to pick a destination. We have a month to go anywhere in the world so to choose was very difficult. Finally we decided it was probably best to go somewhere neither of us have ever been, meaning we can create some new memories and stuff.

Once we had decided on that then the choice became quite easy – an American Road Trip! Don’t forget I love road trips and wrote about Driving all over the world.

We have both always wanted to do so many things in Nevada and California and this seemed like a perfect time to do it and well seeing as I have plenty of time I thought it would be rude not to tag New York onto the trip too. I’ve never been to NYC and people are always shocked when I say this so I’m excited to see how far it can get in my favourite cities list!

So anyway here is the plan for my American Road Trip……

New York – Las Vegas – Death Valley – Yosemite National Park – San Francisco – Pacific Coast Highway – San Diego – Los Angeles

death valley american road trip

It’s going to be super epic and I cant wait to blog about the trip and take lots of photographs. Obviously with it being my honeymoon I am going to be preoccupied with other things too so wont be tweeting all the time!!

Just a few of the cool things I am planning is surf school in San Diego, a huge Yosemite hike and rafting at the Grand Canyon. You might be surprised to hear that I am not staying in swanky hotel chains either. I’m not the greatest fan of big corporate hotels and like indivdually owned places and even hostels. Yes that’s right I will be staying in hostels on my honeymoon!

There is still a lot more to plan but things are coming together and closer to the time I will be shouting out to the travel community for lots of tips of things to see and do.

route 66 american road trip

I’ve gained one tip myself from my planning so far. If you’re looking for a car rental for a big American Road Trip then it’s always worth checking the one way charges. Quite a few times I thought I’d found bargain car hire but there was going to be an extra fee to pick up in one state and drop off in another. I found a few firms who don’t charge from Nevada to California but of course things change all the time.

Interested in reading more about American Road Trips? Then there are loads of cool articles  on the Guardian website and I’ve read quite a few!! –

So stay tuned throughout 2013 for more details about my American Road Trip honeymoon


8 thoughts on “My Great American Road Trip”

  1. Sounds like a great trip! It will be awesome. Road tripping is the only way to see the States.

    I am in San Diego now and Pacific Beach is your place. Surfing mecca. Cheap board rentals and lessons. Some hostels as well.

    Don’t miss Utah as you drive to Vegas. Grand Canyon is nice, but some of the best parks and sites are in Utah. Look into Moab, Utah and Arches. Funky town and great National park! also, Bryce Canyon is amazing! Both are fairly close to Vegas. Joshua Tree in Southern California is awesome as well, but Moab is a fun and adventurous town! If you do San Fran, don’t miss Redwoods.

    We have been on the road in the States for about 110 days now. Any info you need, don’t hesitate.

    Looking forward to following your trip.

    1. Hey Justin thansk for the tips! I might well pick you’re brain before I embark on the trip.

      I’m glad you mentioned San Diego as I have been wondering which location to stay – Pacific Beach definitely sounds like my kind of place will probably find a cool little motel there or something 🙂

  2. Awesome idea!! Me and my wife actually did a similar trip for our honeymoon. We knew we would be leaving for Taiwan after we finished our cross country trip so instead of asking for blenders and pots we set up an online registry so people could “purchase” hotels or recommend friends with extra beds in places we would be traveling through. Our trip took us 8 weeks from North Carolina along I-40 to San Diego, up to Seattle, then back across through Yellowstone and Chicago to NC. I hope you two have as much fun as we did! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic honeymoon! I get married at the end of the month and am still planning mine, love that you’re staying in hostels etc, some honeymoons I’ve seen are ridiculously expensive. I travelled around Las Vegas and the southwest USA earlier this year so have a few posts if you’re after any tips.

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