Football & The World!!!! Are you a glory supporter??

Ok so the world is football crazy! This has become obvious to me on my travels. It seems everyone loves the UK Premier League and supports Man U, Arsenal and some of the other top teams, which kind of got me thinking how many people actually support their local league club.

I know I do and am proud to be a supporter of AFC Bournemouth however my mates support (in very loose terms they kind of just follow the club, im not sure how they can class themselves as supporters if they never go and actually support them) Man U and Liverpool.

Neither of them have actually visited Manchester or Liverpool so i find it all pretty baffling!

Anyway I have set up an opinion poll and would like to try and find out how many people out there support their local teams, follow the link below and please leave your thoughts and opinions, in a few weeks I look forward to revealing my findings out 🙂

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