Every city should have a Superbude

I’m not really a backpacker anymore and like a few extra comforts compared to some hostels or cheap digs so what can be better than Superbude (super digs!)


Superbude which pretty much translates as super digs is exactly this. At the moment the only place you can experience the wonders of Superbude is Hamburg but seeing as this is such a cool city that’s not really a problem.

What you don’t know Hamburg’s cool???? then you best visit especially now easy jet do cheap flights from Gatwick 🙂

So yes anyway I think every city should have a Superbude. It’s excellent value, cheap infact! However this doesn’t mean an inferior product. The staff are all excellent ambassadors for the hotel and offer great customer service, giving tips on what to see and do and just being generally friendly and fun. I stayed here recently with friends in a triple.

Rooms are styled in a very unique way and each floor has a dedicated colour which makes each room seem slightly different. Our room was spacious enough for all of us and was well equipped with a tv, mirror, small desk and a good shower. I noticed rooming was flexible and they have the option of twin/double triple and quad rooms.

The hotel/hostel has a breakfast area which serves a good breakfast and also doubles up as a bar later on. We used bikes from the Superbude and got everywhere we wanted to within Hamburg.

The location whilst not as central as other hotels was very good the Superbude is only a short walk to Berliner Tor and as mentioned we used the bikes to get around easily.

All in all a fantastic place to stay at an amazing price as I said if every city had one it would undoubtably be my first port of call!

I cant praise the Superbude enough and could go on about all the cool things they do like film nights, micro golf tournaments, live music on the roof terrace etc so check out their website, twitter or facebook for more information




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