Encore Beach Club – What’s a Las Vegas Pool Party really like?

I had previously visited Las Vegas on my honeymoon and whilst I loved the idea of a Las Vegas pool party it wasn’t really on my radar as we were budgeting and didn’t have time to spend a whole day drinking and partying……….. ‘isnt that what Vegas is about?’ I hear you ask. Well yes and no! There is so much to do in Vegas however I am told a Las Vegas pool party is the ultimate experience so upon my return it was top of the list.

This time I was visiting Vegas for a close friends 30th birthday so what better excuse to head to a famous Las Vegas pool party!

Surprisingly there is a lot of choice when it comes to attending a Las Vegas pool party so it’s worth doing some research. We decided to go for the Encore Beach Club and here is why.

The Pool

The layout seemed perfect at Encore Beach Club, lots of cabanas and beds facing the stage area with enough room to dance and hopefully plenty of space in the pool too. Wet Republic was also on our list for a while but I really don’t like saltwater pools so Encore Beach Club got a tick.

Encore Beach Club PoolThe DJ

We planned to be at the pool party for minimum of 6 hours and let’s face it no one want to listen to crappy music they don’t like for that long. As great as the atmosphere might be I struggle to get into the party mood if the music isn’t right. Encore Beach got another tick for us here as Martin Solveig was DJing on the day we wanted to attend.

Encore Beach Club Martin Solveig

The Party

I’m already the other side of 30 and I think I still party pretty hard but I don’t want to be with the spring break let’s go mental crowd. We wanted something a little classier that we knew would still be fun.

Encore Beach Club Party

So what was Encore Beach Club like?

Erm firstly expensive…………we plumped for a poolside daybed for the 4 of us but to be honest we didn’t pick the party based on cost so expected this. I’m told Encore is one of the most expensive pool parties in town. The surroundings were great though. The layout was well thought out and you could tell this pool area had been designed especially to be a day club. With all beds and cabanas facing the DJ area. The pool was situated in the middle in freeform style with dancing shower areas and lily pads to hire. Although very busy I felt there was plenty of space and  the vibe was pretty relaxed until the last couple of mental hours.

Service was very good with our personal servers always checking in on us asking if we needed more drinks, towels or even help applying sunscreen. I think having a daybed made the experience even better and it gave us somewhere to leave our drinks and lock our valuables whilst we went for a dance and a swim.

Encore Beach Club Las Vegas Pool PartyWas it worth the money?

Hell yes! I had an amazing day I danced, bobbed in the pool and drank a copious amount of alcohol. In fact we had so much alcohol we were giving it away towards to the end. As we hired a daybed the pool party itself cost us nothing but………..and this is a big but………we had to spend a minimum of $1400 between the 4 of us plus taxes plus gratuity so it totalled out about $500 each. This is probably the most I’ve spent on a party ever but it was an experience I loved and very much enjoyed so to me it was worth it as a one-off.

So if you’re thinking of a going to a Las Vegas pool party and don’t mind spending a bit of cash for an incredible experience then I’d highly recommend the Encore Beach Club. You can visit their website to find out more and see what DJ’s are confirmed to play – encorebeachclub.com



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