Driving Seven Mile Bridge in The Florida Keys

I have done a post before about driving around the world. Well during my recent visit to Florida I hired a Jeep and drove to the very end of the US 1. This ends right down in Key West. The drive from Miami to Key West is spectacular and is known as Florida’s Scenic Highway.

After leaving the hustle and bustle of Miami you cruise through the Everglades and over to Key Largo from here its literally island after island or rather key after key. Each one with a little beach or chilled hangout for lunch.

The coolest part of the drive for me was Seven Mile bridge.  Obviously with a name like that it doesn’t need an introduction. It begins just after Marathon linking the central Keys to the Lower Keys. Its an impressive drive with great views of the old bridge alongside the new one.

I managed to get some video driving along the bridge. I have trimmed it short, I thought a video just showing seven miles of driving might have been a little boring. At the end of the video as I come over the rise you can see there was still a few miles to go!! As always thoughts and comments are welcome 🙂


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