Driving All Over The World

To begin please sing the below along to Status Quo’s ‘Rockin all over the world’

‘Well here we are and here we are and here we go key in the ignition hitting the open road here we gooooooo driving all over the world’

Basically I got to drive this a week or so ago…………

…..an Aston Martin DBS!

A truly beautiful car and one day I may be able to afford one.

This got me thinking though about driving. I have driven in many countries in either my own beat up cars or a nice new hire car. I managed to drive my old tank , a Skoda Favorit, to Paris once. People would take the mickey out of that car but to be honest it was reliable and was so solid I didn’t even need to worry about hitting anything around the Arc De Triomphe as the other car was always going to come off worse!

Anyway I digress this is a bit of a photo post to show some of cars I’ve driven during my travels around the world.

So we start with quad bikes and little cars

A very small car a scooter or a quad is the best mode of transport to get around a lot of the small Mediterranean Islands. All are cheap to hire, cheap on fuel and can squeeze down the little tracks and roads that lead to deserted beaches. Personally unless the roads are really busy or the distances long I prefer a scooter or quad. There is nothing better than relaxing taking in the scenery and having the warm wind hit your face as you whizz around an island.









Next is Mountain Driving

I’ve done my fair share of driving in the mountains the scenery is stunning and its fun to drive along the tight winding roads and travel through the long tunnels. However I have ended up driving in some pretty hairy conditions from stupidly thick fog to deep snow during a mini blizzard. It took me a while to get used to driving in deep snow but to be honest I now find it good fun getting the car to slide!!







Driving a Convertible

Granted your wasting your time having a convertible in the UK but abroad its fantastic. To have the roof down gives a similar experience to riding a scooter and quad. Again I love the wind rushing and the big blue sky above me.



Route 1 USA

Ok so I was driving a basic Chevrolet Cobalt and I only did the part from Miami to Key West BUT what a drive. This is one of the most scenic drives in the world and I took a week doing it even though it can be done in around 4 hours. The views the bridges and the islands are fun to explore and I’d highly recommend a visit to the Florida Keys to anyone.

A Pontiac

Before I drove the Aston Martin last week this Pontiac G6 GT was probably one of the fastest things Id driven. It was again good fun although did drink the fuel a fair bit. I got it by mistake which made the enjoyment even better. I hired a car through Alamo and they told me I could pick any car that was parked in row B or something like that. Well this car was parked there and wasn’t supposed to be so of course I jumped in and drove off before any one questioned me.

Lastly is Wind, oh wind was a fantastic vehicle the first thing I ever drove abroad at the age of 18 and probably one of my best driving experiences ever……………………….however I’ve decided Wind deserves a post of his own! Intrigued? Well check back soon and I will introduce you to him.

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