Corona Extra – The best summer beer ever?

Corona Extra’s video – From Where You’d Rather Be, sums up how much I love this beer and the Corona travelling lifestyle. So read the post below enjoy it and then watch the fantastic video at the bottom I can guarantee you will then want to crack open a Corona.

I think about different beers a lot! I pretty much love beer it’s one of the greatest drinks known to man and is produced and drunk all over the world.

I took this picture which got me thinking a lot more about beer and which I like the most.

corona extra

My favourite summer beer is Corona Extra, this is probably a firm favourite with plenty of others too. This got me thinking Corona isn’t exactly an excellent beer, minus the slice of lemon or lime and your left with a pretty boring light lager. So why do I love it so much and why do I drink it every summer?

I’ve come to the conclusion the answer is three things


The Slice

Citrus fruits immediately make me think of warm summer evenings, beach life and BBQ’s. The citrus taste with a light refreshing beer like Corona Extra is a perfect combination


The Memories

Tastes will always bring back memories much like music does (see my music memories). Corona Extra always brings back good summer memories for me.


The Company – This is the most important one!

The beer tastes great and you drink it again and again because of the people you’re with. You might think I sound crazy here but honestly think back to some times when you sank a few Coronas (or your favourite summer beer). I bet you were with friends at a BBQ on the beach having a good night out but for sure you were definitely having fun.


This is why Corona Extra is a great beer it’s great to drink and share with friends and creates great memories.


I’ve just realised this little post is sounding a bit like an advertisement well i promise its not. I just love Corona, especially at this time of year. I honestly haven’t found a better drink to replace it yet. I have knocked back a few ciders every now and then but find them a bit sweet I always end up coming back to Corona Extra like it’s some long lost love.


Anyone else love Corona Extra as much as me or do you have another summer favourite?

Cheers from me


P.S. If you work for Corona Extra and you’re reading this then please feel free to chuck a few crates my way


6 thoughts on “Corona Extra – The best summer beer ever?”

  1. I agree with everything you just said … or wrote.

    But, do you still enjoy Corona as much when no slice is available? For me the lemon/lime slice is the special ingrediant. When a bar offers me a corona without a slice i get rage! Its just not the same.

    On my own with these thoughts?

    1. Hey Neil, I agree the slice is the essential ingredient without it Corona is just like any other light lager.

      However other light lagers seem to taste as good as Corona even with a lemon/lime!

      How can a bar not offer a lemon/lime with a Corona!! I hate all these bars that serve Jaegermeister warm it should be in the chiller!!!

      1. Poor bar keeping standards. ‘Sorry we’ve run out of lime’ is no excuse, go get some more! … please.

        Jaeger is a funny one. Yes it should be cold, no question. But it should never be ordered whilst sober. So when drunk do you really care about the temp of your shot?

        Are you a cider man? Thats another drink that reminds me of summer.

        1. I love Jaeger and am happy to have it at the start of the night so I want it cold and fresh 🙂

          Cider is a good summer drink I like the lighter stuff the strong farm made ciders go to my head!!

      2. Hahhah i love it, you speak for my heart or better you write what i think. It is not the best beer in the world but it is the best beer in the world. Because of the memories and the time you spend with your friends while drinking it.

        In diesem Sinne, i drink to your health!

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