Chantara Burmese junk sailboat – Koh Phangnan

For me the best way to travel between islands or visit them is by boat and preferably sailboat.

I’ve always picked boat trips based on the type of boat that will be used – I sailed a traditional schooner around the Whitsundays, a gulet in Malta and Turkey and decided on the Chantara Burmese Junk Boat in Koh Phangnan

Chantara Burmese Junk

The boat sailed around the whole island with a stop for snorkelling and lunch and then another stop at Thong Pai Yai for water sports fishing or just relaxing on the beach. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on deck watching the beautiful coastline roll by and generally just chilling out

I love chilling out on boats. Like Toad of Toad Hall I like messing about in them too so this day was perfect for me. The boat whilst beautiful looked like it needed a bit of tender loving care. I guess it’s used heavily for day trips and private charters so it’s hard to upkeep and maintain. I was disappointed we didn’t sail much especially when the wind really picked up but overall it was a great day and being on such a beautiful boat rather than a speed boat or fibreglass catermaran makes everything seem so much more special.

The coast line of Koh Phangnan is sparsely developed in comparison to Koh Samui and it’s beautiful to take in and watch it glide by whilst you sail past.

Check out some of my pictures below from the day

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