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During a recent visit to Florida I was staying in Fort Lauderdale and seeing as the weather was bad I decided to visit the Hard Rock Casino in Seminole, Hollywood. I am a complete casino first timer so I had no idea what to expect or if I would even enjoy it.

I love Hard Rock Cafe’s though so at the very least I thought I could have a nice dinner!

hard rock casino florida

Well I actually had an amazing time and during my first ever visit to a casino I ended up becoming a platinum VIP member!

Not bad for a casino first timer…….!

I’m sure you’re wondering how this happened…..

…well the evening all started out rather boring. I observed a few people gambling. I was trying to work out how it all worked before having a go myself. After watching for a while I decided to have dinner first and enjoyed a great burger and some entertainment from the staff in the restaurant.

Afterwards I set a budget of $150 to just enjoy the night and see what happened. I didn’t want to blow a load of money. I played a little Roulette on a few of the machines but to be honest I’m pretty awful at gambling and $150 didn’t seem to last very long.

seminole hard rock casino first timer

I was down to my last few dollars and started playing a few more machines. Whilst on the last machine I noticed my credit said I had $15000 to play with! Huh…….$15000 what the hell.

So I investigated and someone had left their membership card plugged into this machine with their casino balance on. Now I have to be honest I played with a bit of the money to see what would happen and got a $50 cash payout from the machine.

I figured I could just play with this money that wasn’t mine and keep asking the machine to pay out cash rather than load my winnings to the card – wahooooooo JackpotCity here we come. This casino first timer could become rich!

The thing is I am too honest and I didn’t want to end up in some American jail. I’ve seen Prison Break and it doesn’t look much fun!

So I thought I better hand the card in. I decided to seek out the manager personally, especially as the card had $15000 dollars on it. He was so astounded and thankful that I handed the card in, apparently it belonged to a very important member, that I was immediately made a Platinum VIP lifetime member myself!

The kindness didn’t stop there I was then given a card with a few hundred dollars loaded onto it to enjoy the rest of my evening and also got some free food and drink vouchers too.

All in all it was a pretty good feeling. I then had an amazing night all at the casino’s expense. A great experience for a casino first timer.

Remember kids honesty is the best policy.

hard rock casino wild card

So there you have it. I have only ever visited one casino in my life yet I am a platinum VIP member. I am actually visiting Las Vegas later this year so I might flash my VIP card and see what happens. Although it might be a bit embarrassing when they realise I’m still sticking to my $150 budget rule.

At the moment I just use the card to scrape my windscreen but then we don’t have any Hard Rock Casino’s in the UK.

Do you like visiting casinos whilst travelling? Have you got any interesting casino experiences or are you a casino first timer like me?

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  1. Haha, this is brilliant!
    I wish I could stumble across some free money whilst at a casino, it makes it less painful when Lady luck has gone off for a break…

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