#blogville first impressions

In my previous post I told you about Emilia Romagna’s amazing blogville project.

Well I am now here in Bologna, the red city. The first thing I noticed whilst walking the alleyways to the blogville apartment was how the red coloured buildings stood out against the blue sky.

This colour immediately made the city seem so invigorating and interesting. It beats seeing boring whitewash or stone buildings against a depressing grey cloudy sky (I do love London really, but when the rain comes it can be ‘oh so depressing’)

Armed with my Google map print off I decided to hunt down the blogville apartment which is literally a stone’s throw from Piazza Maggiore, the city’s main square. I hunted for a little while and just as I was about to give up and call Nick, the master of the house, for some help, I by chance spotted an apartment buzzer with the words blogville.

blogville entrance

My first impressions of the apartment are just as great as Bologna itself. It’s a great space with beautiful views over the rooftops of the city. Even better the fridge is packed full of food from the Emilia Romanga region and the lounge has plenty of maps, books and information to help me explore the area further.







My welcome was pretty amazing and I got to sit down to wine and a lovely lunch prepared by Nick and my other house mates. A wonderful introduction!








Sometimes everything just feels right and I get the impression that blogville is going to be so much better than I anticipated.

I have some great blogville housemates too @jess_dante @twooregonians @nicolawesseling @asgeirpedersen

Check them out on twitter and find links to their blogs too on my Link Love page

Make sure you followed the self proclaimed Master of the house too @n_montenaggi

Stay tuned for much more on blogville, Bologna and the Emilia Romanga region

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