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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Five great bridges of the world

Bridges are pretty useful constructions. They help us travel from A to B by bridging the gap – did you see what I did there?! They carry us over large bodies of water, ice and snow covered land, towering mountains and noisy urban sprawls and otherwise impassable obstructions. Bridges  are also amazing feats of engineering,…


Anything can fly

Anything can fly – Since a very young age I have been obsessed with things that fly. From running around the garden chasing butterflies and reading about Icarus flying too close to the sun. To just lying on my back staring at vapour trails in the sky, the fascination of flight has always been something that interests…


airline tail logos

Five things that have changed travel

Travel is an industry that changes at a very quick pace. Here are five things that have changed the way I travel in recent years. #1 low cost carriers The introduction of low cost carriers may have changed the travel industry worldwide but in Europe is has been far more successful than anyone would have…


Hong Kong – why it’s my favourite city

If you’ve read any of my recent blogger interviews or follow me on twitter you might have noticed how I regularly laud Hong Kong as my favourite city on the planet. Well I thought it was about time I told you why! History Hong Kong is part of my history! It was the first destination…


Enzo Ferrari – the dreamer, the visionary

Ferrari’s are cars that I love. They seem to have some sort of aura attached to them. I think they make beautiful cars with impressive styling and incredible sounding engines. Sometimes I imagine myself driving through the Alps or along the Mediterranean coast in a beautiful sports car, next to a beautiful lady, with the roof…


Choose Life Choose travel

Choose Live Choose Travel. What am I talking about? have you ever seen the film Trainspotting with Ewan Mcgregor? The opening scene begins with a poem by John Hodge about all the mundane things you can choose in life but reminds you to Choose your future Choose Life You can see a cool typography of…


European Road Trip vs Rail Trip

Here’s some thought on a European Road Trip vs a European Rail Trip. I’ve previously written about how I love to Drive all over the world. There’s nothing better than a great road trip. A long open road, windows down, breeze in your face and the sunset on the horizon. I’ve done some epic road…


The Wavehouse Mallorca

The Wavehouse Mallorca is the first of its kind in Europe and it was so good I spent two days there! Located right on the beachfront in Magaluf  is the Wavehouse Mallorca, a new type of resort with hotel, bars and restaurants along with outdoor events from people such as Ministry of Sound. The main feature…