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surfing san diego

Surfing in San Diego

Surfing is a huge pastime in Southern California. Every beach I visited seemed to have some link to surfing but none more so than Pacific Beach in San Diego. Each evening I would sit on the cliff top at Pacific Beach and watch loads of locals rushing into the water to catch the last few…



Yosemite – The Panorama Trail

I have dreamt of visiting a big National Park in America such as Yosemite since I was quite young and did some school projects on USA National Parks. So to say I was excited to visit is definitely an understatement. Yosemite is one of those places you really have to plan. Accommodation is limited in…


mojave desert

A road trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City

America is a country best explored by car, with a wide network of highways criss-crossing the country. In common with many other major cities and airports in the US, there are many car rental opportunities in Los Angeles. The city is a popular starting point for many visitors and tourists. Salt Lake City can be…


new york public library

New York – The unfriendly one

I could write about all the amazing things I did in New York. I could tell you about all the great things I saw too. But there is a lot of content on NYC out there and you may have already read it before. So instead I am going to tell you a little story…


Lagos Nightlife – Portugal

Sometimes I arrive at a place and just fall into the lifestyle there immediately. Lagos on the Algarve is one of those places. From chilling on the beaches and coves to going out drinking stupidly strong cocktails every evening. The Lagos nightlife in the height of season is pretty chilled compared to say Magaluf or Ibiza. For…



Paris – The Latin Quarter

Paris – the mere mention of that simple word invokes thoughts, feelings, memories and expectations even for those who have never visited. The acclaimed capital of love and city of light was deemed so beautiful by Hitler that he decided to save it as long as the new Berlin surpassed it. From the twinkling lights…


route 66 american road trip

My Great American Road Trip

In case you didn’t know I am getting married this year……….. This is great because it means I get to plan the ultimate honeymoon! It actually took myself and my future wife ages to pick a destination. We have a month to go anywhere in the world so to choose was very difficult. Finally we decided it was probably…


A Luxury Style Holiday for Less

This year I have planned my honeymoon, as I traditionally travel on a low budget, I have tried to find ways to travel in what I would call luxury for a bit less money. Basically I want to to enjoy a luxury holiday and have a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. There are certain times in…