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beach parties

Europe’s Top 5 Best Beach Parties

So summer is creeping ever closer and Europe is beginning to heat up which means party season will soon be upon us. If you’re looking for the best beach parties with a good mix of all nationalities and want to avoid the typical 18-30 resorts such as Malia, Kavos, Magaluf and Faliraki then I would…


Hamburg – Top 3 Tips for a first timer

Whilst Berlin gets all the plaudits and other cities such as Cologne are more visited for the Christmas markets Hamburg seems to just get on with things in its own way offering much more to the visitor than the usual stag do on the Reeperbahn. I’m a regular visitor to the city and have been drawn…


vogel ski area

Skiing In Slovenia

Situated right in the heart of Europe, bordered by Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria, Slovenia is often overlooked as a destination for skiing. But those who do decide to take their ski holiday here are rewarded with beautiful alpine vistas, good cuisine, welcoming locals, and quiet slopes and ski lifts – something of a rarity in other European…


Medieval Normandy

A very short post! Just wanted to share a quick trip I did recently, I was pleasantly surprised at how much Normandy can offer, most people overlook this region of France and leave it out of their itinerary altogether! I spent 3 days in Normandy with the Normandy Tourist Board enjoying the historical story of…


Walt Disney World for adults

I know a lot of you are thinking, really? Disney World for adults? You’ll hear the words ‘Disney World’ and be thinking you wish you were taken there as a kid but now as an adult the place is far removed from your ideal holiday or vacation. Back a few years ago at the age…


The story of Roger and his alter ego

Hong Kong is my favourite city by a huge margin. In fact Hong Kong isn’t even a city 90% of it is rural countryside and outer lying islands, doubt you knew that!? What makes Hong Kong so special to me is that I have more stories from two weeks there than months in Australia, it…