Backpacker communication before mobilephones

This is what backpacker communication used to be like……..

I opened a really old book today and a small piece of paper fell out. It was dated the 30th March 2002 so I thought it was very fitting that it decided to show itself to me almost 10 years to the date. It made me smile and realise how much the travel world has changed in the last 10 years.

Nowadays with constant media and everyone having mobiles and internet devices, there have been a few bloggers who have posted about how technology has changed the way we travel and the experience we have. I even wrote a post myself about how I felt technology wasnt always a great thing as far as travel was concerned. You can see the post here Travel & Technology.

Anyway here is the piece of paper that fell from my book:

backpacker communication


This was the main form of backpacker communication

It’s actually pretty crazy to me to think that when I went on my first round the world trip I had no phone or internet device. You know what – I didn’t even have an mp3 player!!

So before all that was the norm this was how you got a message to someone. This slip is from the YHA in Sydney. They used to take messages for you and each dorm or room had a little pigeon hole where you could return and check your messages at the end of each day. Back in 2002 they didn’t even have internet access in the hostel so they were happy to write little messages and pass them on to backpackers.

Oh and just so you know it worked fine I picked up this message after a day in the city and met my friends at the YHA reception at 8:30pm and we had a great night in the Scubar.

I wonder how many people would be happy to get by like this nowadays. Im not exactly old and I  think technology is great but during that first trip I loved picking up little messages like this and would like to think maybe one day I’ll get one again 🙂

4 thoughts on “Backpacker communication before mobilephones”

  1. Awesome. I’ve found random hand-written messages from backpacking trips as well and they always make me smile.

    Oh, and I remember that bar Scubar! Definitely been there before…

    1. Yeah a great reminder! It’s nice to get little surprises every now and then. I’d love to find an old plane ticket especially as they rarely issue them nowadays 🙂

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