What constitutes travelling?

What constitutes travelling? Most people assume that going on holiday or putting a backpack on and disappearing off somewhere new is the travelling experience. For me I think they’re wrong. I always say to my friends if you immerse yourself into local life, eat local food and climb the nearest hill for some spectacular views… Read More »What constitutes travelling?


Doberdan, ciao, sawadee, bonjour, hola and all the other ways to say hello! So now i’ve told you a bit about my mission thought I’d better say hello and whilst im on the subject of hello, i think its pretty important you at least know how to say that one word in whichever country your… Read More »Welcome!

On A Mission!

Ok so heres my first post and ive set myself a pretty big challenge! I’ve always wanted to be involved in travel journalism in some way or another, whether its writing a guide, a newpaper column, hosting a tv show or contributing to a blog. So now im going on a mission to make my… Read More »On A Mission!