Travel & Technology

People continuously rave on about how technology has changed the way we gain travel information and how we can get it within seconds however recently I have noticed this has been to the detriment of the true values of the traditional backpacker. I guess I am a traditional backpacker? When I took my first round… Read More »Travel & Technology

Ios party island, Greece

Over the past couple of years I have really fell in love with the Greek Islands and Ios in particular. This is a fantastic island and I promise if you make the effort to travel there you will have an absolute blast……….and probably stay longer than planned! Ios, Greece: the party island with secluded beaches… Read More »Ios party island, Greece

Lazy – Pretty much!

Ok so I admit it i havent been so busy that I cant write, I was busy in December but pretty much ive been lazy! Infact for the first time i seem to have watched loads of TV! Particulary Bondi Rescue & An Idiot Abroad. Bondi Rescue is actually probably the best ‘reality’ type show… Read More »Lazy – Pretty much!