Australian road trip – 2 months in

A bit late posting but here is what I got up to during month 2 of this new round the world trip.

As I mentioned in last months review I thought I would become much more productive on the blog now I am travelling full time but I have realised I rather live in the moment much more.

The thought ‘oh this would be great for a post I need to focus on this’ still never crosses my mind. I am still loving posting and interacting on Instagram though so if you don’t follow me yet you can check my profile here 😉

Destinations visited

I slowed down a lot compared to January and just spent the whole month on the east coast of Australia

The first week was spent in Sydney before picking up a car and heading south to see friends before returning to the Blue Mountains, Avalon and heading North up the coast.

By the end of the month I’d reached Brisbane so it has been a nice slow pace with lots of beach life swimming, body boarding and surfing.

The plan for March is to head north to Cairns and then fly to Perth for a couple of weeks in Western Australia.

Miles covered

Nowhere near as crazy as last month what with only staying in one country

By air
– 1385 miles or 2216km which was one flight from Wellington, NZ to Sydney, Australia
By car
– 2055 miles or 3288km this was exploring New South Wales and heading North to Brisbane


Here are three things below which really stood out for me

Staying with wonderful friends in Shoalhaven and Warana
Returning to Byron Bay after 15 years and it being just as amazing as I remembered
Loving the surf at Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie


My accommodation in the Blue Mountains was shocking it was a heatwave weekend 40+ degrees and I had a room with no fan, no air con and a window that wouldn’t open. I needed up soaking the sheet in cold water and sleeping wet just to get my body temp down.

The main difficulty has been trying to stay on budget with Australias prices too.

What I read in January

I have been slowly reading Bill Bryson Down Under whilst I move through Australia


As I mentioned last month my music listening had seriously declined since leaving home. However now I have a car I’ve had the radio on for hours. I particularly like Triple J. The below tracks really stood out for me. (Note: I will add spotify links later my wifi is poor right now)

Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill
His new album is now out and this song just reminded me so much of my youth and I actually used to watch the sunset over the castle on the hill!

John Mellencamp – Jack and Diane
Heard it on the radio and love that little guitar pluck

Quirks and craziness

Every thing has stayed super chilled and normal this month with lots of beach time and lots of relaxing. Randomly I have begun eating a lot of Sushi and Frozen Yogurt though.

That’s my second month of this round the world trip in review. Until next month…….

……Keep travelling, Keep Exploring and Keep Learning!

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