An Interview with the Nomad Barber

An Interview with the Nomad Barber – We all know the world is full of travel bloggers and it’s often hard to differentiate yourself from others so when I see a new project such as the one by Miguel aka the Nomad Barber I get super excited!

In a nutshell and quite simply this is Miguel’s plan:

1 Barber, 1 Camera, 
5 Continents,12 months.
Discovering the history and secrets of barbering worldwide.
Trading haircuts for Everything!

I know Miguel is keen to spread the word about his project and needs as much help as he can get so thought I’d pester him for a quick interview with the Nomad Barber.

interview with the nomad barber

Miguel aka The Nomad Barber winning the American Crew Face Off Awards

5 Questions for Miguel aka The Nomad Barber


#1 – What was the inspiration for the trip?

My idea for this trip was to incorporate my 3 loves.
Which is film, barbering and travel. At first it started out as an idea of me just cutting hair in obscure places for cash but it evolved quite quickly into what it is today.

#2 – Apart from discovering barbering techniques across the globe what else are you really looking forward to experiencing?

I love meeting new people, especially people from new cultures. I think more than anything though the food and the colours along the way. Especially in India.

#3 – You will be spending a lot of time with Mike, your camera man. So what made you pick him over anyone else ?

It was a funny one really, I wanted someone who was as passionate about being a cameraman as I am a barber. That really came across and we liked the same sort of video’s. He’d also been out till 6am when I met him at 10am and was functioning pretty well, that was probably the decider, someone who can function when feeling pretty rubbish. We are gonna have some super long days.

#4 – You’ll be packing slightly differently from the normal backpacker. What barbering tools are you going to be taking?

Corded, cordless and light clippers as well as my scissor and gown. I’ll also take a small pull out camping stool for people to sit on.

#5 – What cultural barbering techniques are you really interested to learn about?

Turkey and India, I absolutely love the customer service and the feeling when you leave a Turkish barbershop.
India has barbers indoors, outdoors, by the water, in a field. It’s something I’m not accustomed to so I can’t wait to see it for myself.

Check out the promo video below and visit The Nomad Barber’s Kickstarter page and help him along the way on this awesome trip

You can also follow the Nomad Barber on Facebook, Twitter and why not check out his own website too here –

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