A Tuk Tuk for the night

Whilst in Bangkok my friends paid a tuk tuk driver 200baht for a night of transportation on the agreement he could take them to a ping pong show.

Having visited one of these ghastly ping pong shows before I certainly wasn’t going to to get involved but it turned out the guy was happy to give us lifts too as long as my friends went.

Of course I hear of all these scam type deals with tuk tuk drivers all the time so I wasn’t really interested and quite dubious but felt my friends should learn the lesson themselves so went with it.

tuk tuk bangkok

What actually happened was quite a nice surprise! This tuk tuk driver drove us everywhere from the hotel to Khao San road then to the Sky Bar then to Patpong – my friends then went to the ping pong place and this is where I thought it would turn sour but nope they went in paid the overpriced drink amount and left after 30mins no hassle came to the Patpong market and then got a lift back to the hotel!

In all honesty I would never recommend anyone strike a deal with a tuk tuk driver like this but everything passed by with out incident and it cost just 50 baht each for a whole evenings worth of transport.

I’m not saying every experience is going to be like this but with so many negative stories about people being ripped off etc I thought it would make a change to hear one that passed by without incident.

The driver was a nice chap too I think he got a tank of fuel out of the deal and was pretty honest and open plus he must have been one of the safest tuk tuk drivers I have ever experienced!!!

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